1Do I need to purchase a lot before I work with a builder?
No, actually it’s best to work with us first so we can help you select the right lot to accommodate the type of home you are considering. We would be happy to walk the lot with you and discuss issues like soil type, building restrictions, and other crucial factors that we have experienced over the years.
2Do I need a construction loan? And what are they?
Yes, most customers will use a construction loan to build their new home. A construction loan is a short-term loan to cover the cost of building a new home and it can also be used to purchase the land for your new home. Once construction is complete, your construction loan will be converted into a traditional mortgage. Most of the time this can be done with one closing and just one set of closing costs! Call us to help refer you to the best construction loans in the market today.
3Do I have to have 20% down for a construction loan?
Depending on your credit and circumstances your down payment could be as low as 5% with some of our great local lenders.
4Will I be limited to the builder’s selections of fixtures and finishes?
No, unlike the larger builders, your choices are unlimited! We work with many local suppliers and design professionals who offer hundreds of choices, and even if you like to hunt and find your special style, that’s fine with us and we’ll work to accommodate.
5Do I have to have my house plan before I meet with you?
No. Whether you’ve collected pictures and sketched floorplans on a napkin, or you don’t know where to start, we’ll meet you where you’re at. If you have found some plans or features you like, that is a great start. We also have many featured plans that we have built over the years that we will share with you. We then work with you to identify your needs and wants and design your perfect plan to fit those and your budget.
6How much does it cost to build a new home?
There really is no set price per square foot for your new home. There are many things that drive the cost of your new home including lot cost or challenges of the lot: Is the driveway a mile long? Does the site have city water or sewer? Is there gas and electric already to the parcel? The design and complexity of the home also play a role: Do you want a tall steep roof? Are there angled walls? Are there large walls of windows? And lastly, the level of finishes you desire in your home play a role: Gold fixtures, marble floors and slate roofs all cost more than chrome fixtures, Luxury Vinyl tile and Asphalt roofing.
7Why should I work with Advanced Homes to build my home?
a. Honesty. Several clients are on their second home built by Advanced Homes, and we strive to be your builder for life. We know honesty is a key factor in your decision to build with us and refer us to your friends and family.
b. Fair price. We provide you with clear up-front pricing for your home. Our longstanding relationships with suppliers and crews helps us control costs and build efficiently, saving you time and money.
c. Expertise. With experience and continuing education, matched with a dedication to staying on top of cutting edge trends and products, you’re assured you’re in the hands of experts.
d. Strong Values. We build homes with the same care and attention as if it were our family home.
e. Faith. Guided by a strong Christian faith, we try do what is morally right and responsible for our clients and our community.